What We Do – Our Services

Government Owned Venue Strategy

IVM work with international governments to help them optimise their sports venue strategies. We consult and advise at the highest levels to help governments get the best returns on their venue investments.

Optimising Venue Operations

IVM can help you improve your venue operations and boost financial performance. Our team will make sure you realise the value of your asset, accelerate business outputs and ensure you deliver great customer experiences.

Corporate Finance and Legal

Our team of experts have everything covered across all aspects of the venue operations chain. The IVM team can advise on all legal and financial aspects of acquisitions, mergers and stakeholder due diligence.

Venue Planning – Pre-build

IVM engages with stakeholders at the earliest stages of venue development and design planning. We can help you develop venue strategies from the outset to deliver a highly successful venue.

Food and Beverage

Catering is at the heart of the customer experience. IVM advises on and delivers successful Food & Beverage strategies to optimise revenues.

Commercial Strategy and Marketing

We help you to realise your vision and form a strategy for your venue to help you successfully achieve revenue growth.

Sales Strategy

IVM holds the key to help you establish and grow venue sales. Our experts will be on hand to drive sales requirements from inception to long-term sustainability, growth and profitability.

Fan Engagement

IVM helps you understand what your fans want and how to engage with them to improve the customer journey. We make sure you interact year-round with your customers, give them what they want and reward them for their loyalty.